Meeting with Division Budget and Finance Representatives

February 4, 2008

On January 14, BARC Chair Marilyn Hinshaw, AED for Finance Greg Calloway and I had the pleasure of meeting informally with Division Budget and Finance or Treasury representatives to discuss areas of mutual interest.  One topic was the need for accurate budgeting and why it is important for the overall management of the Association.  The discussion certainly recognized some need for flexibility for the Divisions to be entrepreneurial in developing new programs.  The scale of the budgeted item was also discussed.  For instance, missing budget by 20% on a $10,000 item is quite a bit different than the same variance on a $1M item.  We also reviewed the timeliness and helpfulness of financial reports and how to get issues with them resolved.  We encouraged Division representatives to continue to work with their BARC liaisons to improve budgeting and to understand financial reports.

We will continue theses informal meetings at future conferences and I welcome any feed back.

Rod Hersberger


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