Preliminary Budgetary Approval

April 21, 2008

The Executive Board held its spring meeting from Friday April 11th – Sunday April 13th. One of the primary actions of the Executive Board was a review of the Preliminary FY 2009 budget. The foundation of the budget addresses the programmatic priorities and provides the framework for the ALAhead to 2010 strategic plan as well as the operating priorities carried out by the Divisions, Departments, and Units of the Association. This budget was then forwarded to the Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) for further review and analysis.

BARC met for two days from Monday April 14th – Tuesday April 15th to review the proposed budget in critical detail. The BARC members and ALA staff presented the individual budgets for the Divisions, Roundtables, Offices, Units and major Departments. The result was the following:

Total Budgetary Ceiling* – $64,992,954
General Fund – $30,505,519
Divisions – $24,785,565
Round Tables – $1,086,035
Grants & Awards – $7,748,477
Long-Term Investments – $867,358

After reviewing all aspects of the budget BARC approved the budgetary ceilings in the amount of $64,992,954. Further adjustments to the budget will be made between now and the Annual Conference. The FY09 budget will then be presented to Council for its consideration on Tuesday July 1, 2008. Prior to conference, Council will receive a written report describing all aspects of the budget.

*Ending Net Asset Balance from FY08 +
Projected revenues for FY09

Rod Hersberger


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